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Igniting the Flame

Holiday Art Pop-up Hours:

Friday, Dec. 2nd - 5-8pm

Sat 3rd & Sun 4th 12-6pm



Exchange Building

821 2nd Ave, Seattle


(across from the Metropolitan Grill)


Auburn Municipal 


Myron's latest mural honors Dick Scobee, who was an astronaut and test pilot for the Air Force. Scobee was killed in the Challengers last flight in 1986 when it exploded approx. 1 min after take off. 

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Q13 Fox News Feature

Myron's journey and one of his latest murals at The Academy for Creating Excellence (A.C.E.) get featured on Q13 Fox News.


King 5 News Feature

Myron and his grandpa were

featured on King 5 News.

"Myron Curry's murals remind gentrified Central District neighborhood of the people who came before them." Says King 5 News


Igniting the Flame

I'm launching my first SOLO Art Pop-up THIS MONTH. Mark your calendar and join me in the historical Exchange Building across from the Metropolitan Grill.

Sept 23rd - 25th, 2022.

Cornish (2).png

2022 Neddy Artist

Award Exhibition


Spokane Regional Stabilization Center

I just finished a huge installation of 12 mural paintings for

Spokane Regional Stabilization Center. Check out the two

news articles below!


Painting Grand Prize 

The Neddy Artist Awards are thrilled to award ✨Myron Curry with the 2022 Award for Painting.

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Seattle Magazine

Myron wrote "A Lasting Influence" a letter to Seattle, featured in the 

April 2022 Seattle Magazine. 

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Truth B Told II

Onyx Fine Arts Collective “Truth B Told II” featuring artists from the Onyx Gallery is out now! Go visit Onyx at Pacific Place in Seattle, WA to get a copy.  I’m one of the featured artists!


Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic Othello

Myron was one of

21 artists selected to create art

for the outside of the Odessa

Brown Clinic.




Myron was nominated by Seattle Central College for a transforming lives award in March, 2022.

Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 11.17.10 AM.png

Midtown Square


Drive past 23rd & Union in Seattle 

to view the Midtown Square Building.  Myron's large murals are along

23rd Street.  

Shakin Shit Up Myron Curry

Shakin' Shit Up

Our Stories. Our Messages.

Hosted by Sharon Nyree Williams & Michael B. Maine

Season 3 Episode 1 Featuring

Myron Curry & Terence Smith

aired Thursday, March 10, 2022 6pm PST 

Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 10.54.32 PM.png

Seattle artist who transformed his life after prison inspires others through mural art

"Pioneer has played a foundational part of my life, so this is a way I can give back, not only to Pioneer but to the other community members that are here and thriving," shared Myron.

Myron Curry's Story - Seattle Central College - Believe Gala

Seattle Central's, Brad Curran interviews Myron for the Believe Gala.  Watch the full video to get a small glimpse into Myrons life growing up in the Central District of Seattle, WA.  He also shares his amazing experience with Seattle Central College and how they have become his family.

Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 11.18.29

An interview with former Seattle Colleges Chancellor Charles Mitchell

Myron Curry.png

Arts & Culture Jam

Myron created an acrylic portrait of Basquiat live while talking about his process and what it has been like to be an emerging artist in Seattle's art scene. He completed the painting in three days. 

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